Our new routes are here! (REMINDER: The Route 10 name has been retired)

Route 30 - 30X - Sherman-Wisconsin

This route was recently updated on Sunday, January 18, 2015. Please review before riding.
Service Alerts for Route 30
  • When will the bus schedule changes go into effect?

    The change in services will begin on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

    Why do you make service changes in winter?

    Once funding becomes available, we implement changes as soon as possible to fully utilize available monies.

    When will route schedules be available?

    • January 8, 2015 – Schedules will be available on RideMCTS.com.
    • January 14, 2015 – Printed schedules will be placed on buses, in information racks and sent to libraries and other locations.

    Are there any fare increases?

    There are no fare increases in January 2015.

    How will I know what bus stops are changing?

    • Around mid-December – temporary bus stop signs will be posted at any stop that will have a change.
    • In early December – there will also be other information available such as special issue of Bus Lines, online at RideMCTS.com, Facebook and Twitter.

    What are the names of the new routes?

    MetroEXpress buses:

    • GoldLine (Wisconsin – UWM)
    • PurpleLine (27th Street)
    • Route 61 (Appleton - Keefe)

    What are the names of the new with major modifications?

    • Route 30/30X (Sherman – Wisconsin)
    • Route 14 (Humboldt - Forest Home)

    Is Route 10 (Humboldt-Wisconsin) being eliminated?

    No service is being eliminated on January 18, 2015. Route 10 service will be replaced by Routes 14 and GoldLine so the name “Route 10” will be retired.

    What makes it an express service vs. local service?

    Bus stops are spaced further apart with express service to provide quicker bus service for passengers. In general, regular service means bus stops are generally placed every 1/8 of a mile. Express bus stops are spaced from 1/4 to 1/2 mile (primarily at transfer corners and major destinations) when there is another bus route on the same street. However, when there is no other bus route, stops will be spaced every 1/4 of a mile.

    Why did other routes change when you added express bus routes?

    The introduction of express bus service provided MCTS the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the system, i.e., increase the level of service where the demand for transit is high and provide a more moderate level of service to areas where ridership is relatively low.

    Decisions on Routing

    Our overall methodology for making service changes includes:

    • Increase the overall efficiency of service provided
    • Simplify routes where possible, e.g., remove branches from routes
    • Maintain service levels in transit dependent areas
    • Maintain access to job corridors. We want to get people to their jobs

    What are the fares for the new and modified bus routes?

    MetroEXpress, 61 and 30/30X routes all have the same local/regular fares. It is $2.25 for adult cash, $1.10 for seniors, children and individuals with disabilities. 1-, 7- and 31-day passes, New Freedom Pass, CVP and U-PASS are also valid on these routes.

    Will Real-Time, Bus Stop Announcement System and New Electronic Fareboxes be available on the new and modified routes?

    Buses that run on the new and modified routes will have the same updated technologies to make riding the bus easier. However, Real-Time will not be available when the routes changes. We need to gather data first to assist in predicting arrival times. We will post a news item on our website when these routes are added to Real-Time.


  • To view a detailed map of stops on Wisconsin Avenue, please click here.


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