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Service Alerts for Route 31
  • EFFECTIVE DATE: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
    DURATION: Until Further Notice
    AFFECTED AREA: Vliet Street between 54th and 60th

    We were just informed due to the City of Milwaukee starting a sewer project at 55th and Vliet and with MMSD’s continuing project on Vliet Street west to 60th, Routes 31 and 33 will detour until further notice.                                                                


    • North (right) on 54th Street
    • West (left) on Washington Blvd
    • South (left) on 60th Street
    • West (right) on Vliet Street/ Milwaukee Avenue to regular route


    • North (left) on 60th Street
    • East (right) on Washington Blvd
    • South (right) on 53rd  Street
    • East (left) on Vliet Street to regular route

    *NOTE: Passengers can board the bus at 52nd and Vliet or 60th and Vliet in either direction


    Westbound to layover:

    • North (right) on 54th Street
    • West (right) on Washington Blvd
    • Layover on Washington Blvd facing west between 58th and 59th Street


    • After the layover U-Turn at 59th and continue east on Washington Blvd
    • South (right) on 53rd  Street
    • East (left) on Vliet Street to regular route

    *NOTE: Passengers can board the bus at 52nd and Vliet or 59th & Washington Blvd (where this bus lays over) in either direction

  • Due to the recent changes on Route 31, we need to make adjustments to the Real-Time Information on this route. We anticipate this route and other routes being available on Real-Time in the coming weeks. More information to come.
  • Effective Sunday, October 26, 2014

    Route 31 will have a small routing change at the west end of the route near Innovation Drive and Watertown Plank. The route will travel west on Watertown Plank to south (left) on MayFair Road, east (left) on Research Drive to Innovation Drive.  Here the bus will layover at Innovation Drive near GE Medical. It will then reverse the routing back to Research Drive, Mayfair Road, then to Watertown Plank to the regular routing. Please see map below.


    Effective Sunday, October 19, 2014 Route 31 schedules changed as buses return to regular routing after the Watertown Plank Bridge has been reopened. Look for new schedules on buses and online.

  • EFFECTIVE DATE: Wednesday, September 24, 2014
    DURATION: 3 months                      
    AFFECTED AREA: Milwaukee Avenue west of Wauwatosa Avenue

    Due to sewer and water construction work being done on Milwaukee Avenue west of Wauwatosa Avenue/ 76th Street, the Rt 31 Mayfair trips will detour as follows:



    • Continue north on Wauwatosa Avenue/ 76th Street to North Avenue
    • West on North Avenue to regular route


    • Continue east on North Avenue to 76th/ Wauwatosa Avenue
    • South on 76th/ Wauwatosa Avenue to regular route
  • DATE: Friday, October 10, 2014        

    DURATION: 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    12th Street, between Wisconsin & Wells

    Due to a block party for Marquette University, 12th Street will be closed between Wisconsin & Wells.  Routes 12 and 31 will detour as follows:

    ROUTES 12, 31

    Westbound: West on Wisconsin to 10th, north to Wells, west to 12th, north to regular route.
    East on Wells to 11th, south to Wisconsin, east to regular route.

    Note: When detouring from the normal route, customers stops should be made at regular bus stops regardless of the route designated at the stop.  In a case where there are no regular bus stops or temporary bus stops along a detour, customer stops will be made where it is both convenient and safe for the customer.

  • UPDATED (8/28/14)  - We just received information that the construction plans on Vliet St. (beginning on 9/2/14) has changed. Route 31- Will NOT detour on September 2. It will at a later date.

  • The correct Route 31 (State-Highland) printed schedules should have the effective date of JUNE 8, 2014. During the recent schedule change, incorrect Route 31 schedules were accidentally distributed. We apologize for this error. Online Route 31 schedules are correct.
  • UPDATED 1/2/2013: Once Watertown Plank Road is closed, which should happen at 9:30 pm, Sunday, January 5, 2014, the Route 31 will detour as follows:

    Westbound Detour Routing
    West on Watertown Plank Road, north on Discovery Parkway, southwest on Swan Boulevard and continue south to Watertown Plank Road and west to regular route.

    Eastbound Detour Routing
    From Innovation Drive: north on Swan Boulevard, continue northeast to Discovery Parkway and south to Watertown Plank Road and east to regular route.

    Once Watertown Plank Road is closed pedestrians needing to travel on Watertown Plank Road between Innovation Drive and 92nd Street will not be required to pay a fare while on a Route 31 bus. However, if a transfer is requested the passenger must pay full fare. Please watch for signs in the area and click here to see a map. 

  • To view a detailed map of stops on Wisconsin Avenue, please click here.


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