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Service Alerts for Route 42U
  • Please note that UBUSes only run during the spring & fall semesters. This includes Routes 40U, 42U, 44U & 49U.

  • This is a reminder to all students that the U-PASS program ends for the semester on May 22nd. This date will be the last day you will receive unlimited bus service from MCTS unless you enroll in summer classes.

    You can still choose to use your U-PASS as a regular M•CARD all summer long to travel to work, restaurants and events. Just load it with a 1-, 7- or a 31-day pass or Stored Value of any amount between $2 and $50 up to $100. The M•CARD offers a discounted rate compared to paying cash ($1.75 vs $2.25).  Graduating students and those not returning next year can hold on to their cards to load value on them as well.  

    Returning students should hold onto their M•CARD to use in the fall semester when the U-PASS program starts up again.  Important Note - if you lose your pass you will need to buy a new one in the fall.

    If you have any questions please call or email your school’s U-PASS Office.

  • Attention College Student U-PASS Smart Card Holders:

    Your U-PASS smart card provides unlimited bus ridership during the current semester. The pass is for YOUR use only. You are required to show your college ID to the bus driver after touching your pass to the farebox. Selling of your U-PASS to another person is in violation of the agreement you’ve made with your college. If your college finds you are in violation of this agreement, strict disciplinary action will be taken.




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