Route 52 - Clement–15th Avenue - Preview

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Service Alerts for Route 52
  • DATE: Saturday, May 7, 2016
    DURATION: 12:00 pm (noon) to 1:00 pm, or when barricaded or notified
    AFFECTED AREA: 12th Avenue to Milwaukee to 9th Avenue to Mackinac

    Due to the South Milwaukee Little League Parade, the Routes 15, 52 will detour as follows:

    Route 15:
    East (left) on Monroe to 8th Avenue
    South (right) to Madison
    East (left) to regular route

    West (left) on Marquette to 13th Avenue
    North (right) to Rawson East (right) to Chicago 
    North (left) to regular route

    Route 52:
    Southbound: Rawson to 13th Avenue
    South (right) on 13th Avenue to Marquette East (left) on Marquette to Chicago
    South (right) on Chicago and regular route

  • EFFECTIVE DATE: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
    DURATION: 2 Months
    AFFECTED AREA: Marquette Avenue between 10th Avenue and Chicago Avenue

    Due to Union Pacific Railroad bridge rehabilitation work being done on the Marquette Avenue overpass, routes 15, 48, and 52 will need to detour as follows:

    Southbound Route 52 and P.M. 48 Trips:
    • South on 10th Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue
    • West (Right) on Milwaukee Avenue
    • South (Left) on 12th Avenue to regular route

    Northbound Route 15 and A.M. 48 Trips:
    • Continue north on Chicago/12th Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue
    • East (Right) on Milwaukee Avenue
    • North (Left) on 10th Avenue to regular route

  • DATE: Monday, February 1, 2016
    DURATION: Permanent
    AFFECTED AREA: KK & Potter

    Effective Monday, February 1st, a new Route 15/52 bus stop has been established northbound on KK & Potter, Far-side.

    Operators are instructed to board and alight passengers for Routes 15 and 52 at this stop from this point forward.


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