Route 67 - N. 76th-S. 84th - Preview

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Service Alerts for Route 67
  • EFFECTIVE DATE: Friday, July 31, 2015
    DURATION: Permanent
    Affected Area: 95th Street at Bluemound Road

    Effective immediately, the southbound Route 67 bus stop on North 95th Street at Bluemound Road has been discontinued. Route 67 operators are instructed not to board or alight passengers at this stop from this point forward. The GoldLine will continue to serve this stop.

  • DATE: Monday, May 18, 2015 at 8:00 PM
    DURATION: 7 Months        
    AFFECTED AREA: 92nd Street under I-94 

    Due to opening of 95th Street and Bluemound Road for the Zoo Interchange Project but with the continued closure of 92nd Street between Bluemound Road and Schlinger Avenue, the Route 67 Via 92nd Street trips will now detour as follows:

    • East (right) on Schlinger Avenue
    • North (left) on 84th Street
    • West (left) on Bluemound Road
    • North (right) on 95th Street
    • East (right) on Wisconsin Avenue to regular route

    • West (right) on Wisconsin Avenue
    • South (left) on 95th Street
    • East (left) on Bluemound Road
    • South (right) on 84th Street
    • West (right) on Schlinger Avenue
    • South (left) on 92nd Street to regular route  

    **The free ride zone stop at 92nd and Bluemound will be move to the nearside stop**


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