ATU Local 998, the union that represents MCTS bus drivers, will go on strike as of 3 am on Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Come 3 am, all MCTS service, including Route 143 that serves Ozaukee County and Route 6, 61 and 279 that serve Waukesha and Washington Counties, will be suspended until further notice. Click here for more Information:


Milwaukee County Transit System
Horse Carriage


In roughly 150 years, mass transit in Milwaukee grew from two-man horse carriages to diesel buses serving over 50 million rides a year at one point. Over that time, the method of transportation and its operating company went through numerous stages of development, but what never changed was the ability to provide a vital transportation service to the community. 

To continue learning about Milwaukee's transit history and to view dozens of rare photos from our archives, visit our Facebook page. You can also request a copy of our historical booklet which was put together to honor 150 years of public transportation in Milwaukee. It contains photographs from the first horse drawn carriage, a detailed time line and written historical information explaining the changes of transit over many years. To get your historical booklet please e-mail us at or write to us