MATC summer school students join M•CARD test group

Starting in May, you may begin seeing more passengers using the new M•CARD on board buses as we expand the M•CARD test group.

MCTS is currently testing the cash and smart card features of the new fareboxes. Starting May 19, 2014, to assist in this process, MATC summer school students who are eligible for the U-PASS will now be issued the new MCTS M•CARD smart card.

To use the new card, students will need to touch their M•CARD to the orange card target on the farebox and show their Stormer Pass to the driver. The U-PASS is a semester-long, MCTS pass available to MATC students enrolled in a certain number of credits. Please note these test U-PASS smart cards are ONLY availible to qualifying MATC students.

Once the testing is completed and we are ready to move forward, we will give you plenty of notice to make the switch from paper passes and tickets to the MCTS M•CARD.

If you are an MATC student who would like more information on the U-PASS, you can visit the MATC website here.