MCTS Adds Fifty-Five New Clean Diesel Buses



Passengers on MCTS buses will experience more of that “new bus smell” on their rides this year. The first of the fifty-five new clean diesel buses have arrived and will be in service soon.

New clean diesel buses will make up the majority of the MCTS fleet. The added buses along with the 180 new clean diesel buses purchased between 2010 and 2012 will total 235 of 420 buses. The vehicles emit 80% less particulate matter, 95% less oxides of nitrogen and 88% less non-methane hydrocarbons than the older buses they replace.

The Milwaukee area will benefit from improved air quality and lower emissions along with several other improvements. The buses will have an exciting new design. Made by the same manufacturer, New Flyer, the new Xcelsior model has some added features:

  • Additional electronic route number sign at the rear of the bus
  • Added operator shield
  • Electronic radiator fans designed to provide fuel savings of up to 5%
  • Improved accessibility with wider doorway and more gradual slope of entry ramp
  • More roomy interior with modified seating and more head room
  • Energy efficient LED headlights
  • Improved readability of front destination sign
  • Updated longer life battery system
  • New driver’s seat with added comfort
  • Updated wheelchair securement system
  • Fiberglass body panels replace aluminum for longer life and easier maintenance

Funding for the 2013 bus purchase comes from remaining Interstate Cost Estimate Substitute (ICE) funds and a local match.

MCTS tries to replace buses every twelve years or those driven more than 500,000 miles. Older buses are taken out of service when new buses are added to the fleet. Additionally, you will notice MCTS is repainting older model buses that still have a service life to create a unified look. Eighty-one older buses have been repainted to date.

Posted June, 2013.