MCTS Award Winning Operators

We are proud that our bus drivers provide safe and courteous transportation every day of the year. It is time that we recognize the efforts that are made, especially when someone goes above and beyond.

The following are bus drivers who were spotted doing an excellent job of customer service. It might have been something simple, like giving good directions to a new rider or something extraordinary like, quickly reporting a traffic accident they just witnessed so emergency responders could assist. Each day we receive commendations from MCTS customers, recognizing our drivers for going that extra mile.

The following bus operators are among those who have received the MCTS Operator’s Award of Excellent Customer Service. Maybe one of them you already know and they provided you with excellent transportation! Check back periodically to see more award winning operators and click here to view how to submit commendations.

Our Operator Award winners for September through December, 2013:


MCTS Customer Service received a report of a missing person with dementia. After Dispatch sent out alert messages, Kevin quickly discovered the missing person on his bus and notified Dispatch. Kevin alighted the bus with the passenger at his relief point to keep an eye on him, updating dispatch with the person's location. Dispatch was able to quickly direct the group home to the person's location. Thank you, Kevin, for potentially saving that person’s life.


A customer reported that Tracie is an exemplary driver. The customer, who is a teacher, boarded with a visually impaired student. Tracie was pleasantly talkative with the student, discussing the student’s destination. She informed the student that a relief driver would be taking over and then Tracie made sure to inform the relief driver where the student needed to get off and to let the student know that the relief operator had been notified. Thank you for making that student’s riding experience a good one, Tracie!


A customer reported that Kelly is very kind, cordial and considerate. There was a visually impaired passenger who needed to get off of the bus. Kelly not only escorted the passenger off of the bus, but she also assisted the passenger until she was inside the MCTS Administration Building. Keep up the good work, Kelly!




A customer reported that Ocie goes above and beyond his duties. He helps vision impaired passengers on and off the bus and also helps them get safely to a seat and he is always kind. In the past, a passenger was tired and fell asleep on the bus. Ocie made sure to stop at her stop and called it out a few times to make sure she heard him. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed. Great job, Ocie!





A group of Summerfest riders lost two wallets and a pair of house keys. They realized the items were missing at the Ryan Road Park-Ride Lot at the end of the night. Donald contacted dispatch and discovered the items had been found at the Summerfest loop downtown. Donald helped the passengers by driving back to Summerfest and then making an additional, voluntary trip back to the Ryan Road Park-Ride Lot. The passengers were very happy to have their items back. Donald should be recognized for his extra efforts in customer service. Keep up the good work, Donald!




While operating a Route 10, Tiffany noticed a person lying on the ground in need of medical assistance. She immediately contacted dispatch to request medical assistance. Tiffany stayed in the area until she was certain that help was on the way. This was reassuring for those who were giving aid to the person in trouble. She did a really great job handling an unfortunate situation. Thank you, Tiffany!