Real-time Tracking Status Update

Milwaukee County Transit System wants to clarify a few recent misunderstandings about the real-time bus tracking that will be coming our way. Real-time will enable passengers to track exactly where their bus is and when it is predicted to arrive at their stop through a computer or smartphone. We, like our customers, are excited for this development, but we need to wait a while longer - it is not available yet.

The basic building blocks for this technology are now in place here at MCTS; however the data is still very raw. MCTS is working toward procuring a vendor that will assist in the translation of this data into a clean, usable feed that will power real-time tracking features on, smartphones, our automated phone system, etc.

Currently, MCTS has made the raw data available to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's new App Brewery as they work to develop an app that, in the future, will have the capacity to give users real-time bus locations.  It will also include other Milwaukee County information on parks, the zoo and the airport.

Much like our Google Transit feed, once the real time data has been cleaned and tested, we will make it available to any and all developers who wish to build their own app.  

In the coming weeks we will have a better picture of what the time line will be for MCTS's real-time tracking availability to our community. Stay tuned for more information on this service enhancement and others.

Posted June, 2013. For more updates on Real-Time information, please click here.