GO Pass

Starting in 2017, changes to the GO Pass program have been authorized through the Milwaukee County Budget process.  These changes are designed to make the GO Pass program more sustainable.

As of January 17, 2017, all GO Pass recipients must be a Milwaukee County resident and meet one of the following conditions:

1. Must be over the age of 65 and currently receiving Medicaid or FoodShare benefits; or

2. For residents under 65: a. Must be receiving Social Security income through SSI or SSDI, or have a Veterans Disability designation; and b. Must receive Medicaid benefits including traditional Medicaid, EBD Medicaid, long-term care through Medicaid, or participate in a Medicare Savings program.

If you believe you meet one of these conditions but are not currently receiving Medicaid Benefits, FoodShare Benefits or participating in a Medicaid Savings program, you can call – 414-289-5800.

Please note, New Freedom users do not need to get the GO Pass, they can continue to ride with their New Freedom pass.

MCTS will process applications and hand out the free passes at the MCTS Administration Building (1942 N. 17th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53205) between the hours of 9am and 2pm, Monday thru Friday. 

Users must have the pass to receive the free rides. Click here to see the full GO Pass Terms and Conditions.

Anyone coming to get the pass is encouraged to fill out a GO Pass application in advance. Applications can be printed out and downloaded at RideMCTS.com

There are four ways MCTS will confirm eligibility in the program, only one of the four is required:

  • Present a government issued picture ID card that includes age (65 and over) and proves residency in Milwaukee County.
  • Present a copy of a Medicare card and a government issued picture ID that proves residency in Milwaukee County.
  • Present a doctor’s statement describing the nature of your disability on professional letterhead or prescription form AND present a government issued picture ID card that proves residency in Milwaukee County. You must have your treating physician or a Wisconsin Medical Licensed health care provider complete and sign the second page of the application.
  • Present an existing MCTS issued Reduced Fare card and proof of residency in Milwaukee County.

For other questions please call (414) 343-1700.

*A full listing of eligibility requirements for persons with disabilities is available on the application.

GO Pass Application

Para la aplicación en Español: Aplicación en Español.

You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the application.