M•CARD Online

M•CARD Online

“M•CARD Online makes riding easier and more convenient than ever to connect to work, school and everywhere else MCTS takes you.” – Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele

The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is happy to announce the latest technology upgrade to the bus system - M•CARD Online.

Please note: 
- It may take up to 36 hours for new purchases to be available on your M•CARD and show up on your M•CARD Online account.

- When making a purchase on M•CARD Online, please do not close the window, hit "Submit" multiple times, refresh your browser or click the "Back" button. This may interrupt the payment process or result in multiple charges to your payment card.

With M•CARD Online, riders can check their balance, add money (passes or Stored Cash Value) to their M•CARD or even order a new card, all from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The new service also allows people to register their cards in case they are lost or stolen.

M•CARD Online is still in beta but is live at RideMCTS.com for all users. 

With the M•CARD you never need to worry about exact change; plus using the M•CARD save money versus paying with cash ($1.75 vs $2.25). All riders receive a free 90-minute transfer when they pay with their M•CARD.  

On top of M•CARD Online, passengers can still buy and update their smart cards at 100 locations across Milwaukee County. 

Either online or in a store, customers can load seven and 31-day passes onto the M•CARD, or they can put Stored Cash Value onto the card to pay as they go for rides throughout the system. 

For M•CARD Online purchasing help, click here.

For M•CARD Online FAQ's, click here.