Accessibility Features

All MCTS buses are of a low-floor design so there are no steps at the front entrance of the bus. All are equipped with ramps to facilitate boarding by persons in wheelchairs. Using the ramps and onboard securement devices is easy and convenient. Download this brochure for complete instructions.

MCTS welcomes Other Power Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMDs), such as Segways, used as mobility devices for persons with disabilities on board MCTS buses. Passengers wishing to board a bus with their OPDMD must provide two Q’Straint 14” webbing loops (Model #Q5-7580) to be used to secure the device. Please contact MCTS Customer Service at 414-937-3218 or at if you have questions on how to purchase the Q’Straints.


In addition, persons with disabilities are encouraged to obtain an MCTS photo I.D. or use their Medicare card in order to receive a reduced fare on all MCTS buses.

Special Seating

Seats in the front of the bus marked with the universal access symbol are best used by senior citizens and people with disabilities. These seats also fold up to create the securement area for passengers in wheelchairs. All riders are asked to cooperate with MCTS operators when asked to vacate these seats in order to accommodate a person in a wheelchair or a senior rider.

Travel Training

​For information on Travel Training, please visit our New Freedom page and navigate down to the "Travel Training" tab.

Transit Plus

Persons with disabilities that are unable to ride MCTS buses may qualify for an alternative van and taxi service called Transit Plus. Learn more about this service or call 414-343-1700.