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Transit Watch is a national program encouraging riders to keep their eyes and ears open and report anything suspicious. The Milwaukee County Transit System has a dedicated security team and many safety measures in place, and with the help of our passengers, we can respond quickly. In fact, our drivers have a direct link to security. We want everyone to have a safe ride so we’ve put together this tip card on what you can be on alert for and ways to increase your safety on and off the bus.

Report anything suspicious to the bus driver.

If you are not on a bus, call the police department with details and a description of what you witnessed. In case of an emergency, call 911.


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Suspicious Behavior

If you notice suspicious individuals tell the operator. Look for:

  • Visible signs of nervousness and looking around.
  • Excessive sweating with nervousness.
  • Someone using sprayer bottles or aerosol canisters on the bus.
  • Clothing that is overly baggy or inappropriate for the weather.
  • Repeated or unusual video or photo taking.
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Suspicious Packages

If you see an unattended or suspicious package, do not touch it! Tell the bus driver. Drivers have been specially trained to deal with suspicious packages. Look for:

  • Package in an out-of-the way location.
  • Individuals in the act of abandoning the package and quickly departing the area.
  • Unusual attached batteries, wires, tanks, bottles or bags that might contain chemicals.
  • An attached message.
  • Nearby individuals showing signs of illness or distress.
  • A suspicious cloud, mist, gas, vapor, odor or seeping fluid.
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Personal Safety

Your personal safety is important. Please follow these guidelines when riding the bus and alert your driver to any concerns you have.

  • Stay alert and be aware of the people around you.
  • Change seats if someone bothers you.
  • Do not show anyone your valuables and do not let anyone borrow or use your cell phone or electronic devices while riding the bus.
  • If you are at a bus stop:
  • Wait at busy, well-lit locations.
  • Keep your purse or bags close to your body and your wallet in a front or buttoned pocket.
  • Stand away from the curb until the bus arrives.
  • Carry a whistle or personal alarm.
  • If someone attempts to rob you, comply with their demands. When it is safe, call 911.
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