New Freedom

New Freedom

The New Freedom Program welcomes seniors and people with disabilities to the independence provided by safe and dependable bus travel.  Designed for seniors and riders with disabilities, New Freedom offers you the service and information which will have you riding comfortably and efficiently throughout greater Milwaukee.

The New Freedom team will guide you in selecting a fare program which will save you money. Conditionally eligible Transit Plus riders are encouraged to take advantage of the New Freedom Pass, which allows you to ride on any MCTS bus for free. New Freedom provides several programs to support this important rider choice for our passengers with disabilities. For additional information on how to get the New Freedom Pass, contact our New Freedom team at 414-937-3256.

To get you started, our complimentary travel trainers can assist you in planning trips and accompany you to help you comfortably ride our system with more than 5,500 well placed bus stops.  And should you discover bus stops which don't accommodate your needs we'll look into making improvements to better serve you.

We'll help you use route & schedule information, or Real-Time Information, so you can make the best use of your travel time. If you've not ridden lately, you'll enjoy our new buses which ease your entry on the bus with our low floors, bus kneeling feature, or our entry ramps. Our automated voice annunciation system will help you know where you are on the route and when to get off the bus. And our knowledgeable bus operators will get you to your destination safely and on time.

If you are involved in a group or organization, we're happy to present our Freedom on Wheels Program at your desired location. 

Hear from Transit Plus Customers in this informative video on how easy it is to use the bus.