Route 30 - 30X - Sherman-Wisconsin

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Service Alerts for Route 30
  • DATE: Monday, February 1, 2016
    DURATION: Permanent
    AFFECTED AREA: Vliet & Highland

    Effective Monday, February 1st, the bus stop on Vliet Street at Highland Boulevard on the island, has been discontinued for Routes 30/30X eastbound trips. Please instruct passengers to board and alight one block to the east at 40th Street.

    Operators are instructed not to board or alight passengers for Routes 30 or 30X at this stop from this point forward.

  • DATE: Immediately
    DURATION: Until Further Notice
    AFFECTED AREA: Northbound Bus Stop on Van Buren at Wisconsin Far-side

    As a reminder, the northbound Route 30/30X bus stop on Van Buren at

    Wisconsin Avenue is temporarily discontinued, due to construction at the NML tower. The bus stop was relocated to Van Buren at Mason Street far-side. Operators are reminded to board and alight passengers for Route 30/30X at this stop, until further notice.

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