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MCTS has suspended fare collection. Riders must now enter and exit the bus through the back door only, unless ADA access is needed. Remember, only ride the bus if you HAVE to. Read more here.


You Bet Your Axe – MCTS Jumps into the Axe-Throwing Fad

Milwaukee, WI – “Duck!” “Move!”  “Ouch!”

Get ready to hear these terms and much, much more on MCTS buses in the near future as MCTS ads axe-throwing targets to its fleet. Axe-throwing leagues are popping up in bars across Milwaukee, but this will be the first mobile axe-throwing opportunity in the United States. Targets will be going inside MCTS buses on April 1st.

 “Sure, this is unsafe, but it’s not like we are letting people drink alcohol and throw axes, that would be nuts,” said Paul B. Unyan, head of the new MCTS axe-throwing program.

The axe-throwing will be included in the regular fare of $2 for 90-minutes. For people who really want to work on their axe skills, a 1-Day Pass only costs $5 and includes unlimited rides and axe-throwing.

To learn more about the mobile axe-throwing program visit RideMCTS.com/AprilFools