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MCTS Proud: MCTS Scholarship Fueled the Dreams of a Pilot

Here at MCTS, we’ve given scholarships to our employees' children for well over two decades so they can fly high and achieve their goals. And for one of our scholarship winners, she is literally “flying high” and keeping the world safe.

Crystal Staszak, daughter of MCTS Route Supervisor David Staszak, received two MCTS scholarships while attending the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To be admitted into the Air Force Academy is a very selective process. The applicant must be interviewed by the staff of one or more of their congressmen or senators. Crystal was the principal nominee to the Air Force by Congressman Paul Ryan. Senator Herb Kohl also forwarded Crystal's name to the Air Force and Navy.   

In 2011, Crystal entered the Academy and with much hard work, she graduated in 2015. Along with receiving her bachelor’s degree, Crystal was among the graduates selected for pilot training. The 52-week program was very intense. This summer, she earned her wings. Crystal successfully completed the training and received her 1st Lieutenant bars and pilot wings. 

Currently, Crystal is stationed at Offutt Air Base in Omaha, Nebraska. She flies an RC-135, a plane that is often flown near areas of military conflict and has also been used in the war on drugs around Central and South America.

Thank you, Crystal, for your dedication and service to our country!