Happy Birthday,!

Milwaukee, WI - While most one-year-olds are still mastering the art of walking, the all-new is celebrating its first birthday at top speed. Since the redesigned website was launched one year ago today, February 21, 2017, it’s been used tens of millions of times to plan a trip, track a bus and view stories of MCTS Excellence.

“This is yet another amazing achievement from MCTS,” said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. “The re-designed helps people get to work, school, shopping and everywhere they need to go faster and easier. Across Milwaukee County we’re focusing on this type of innovation and excellence to improve all the services we provide.”

Not only is the re-designed site mobile-friendly, easier to navigate and optimized for riders on the go – it’s also designed to minimize data usage, which means you can use without worrying about going over your data cap!

In the year since the new site was launched, Real-Time Bus Tracking has been used 11.5 million times and more than 226,000 trips were planned.

Routes and schedules remain a popular feature, they were viewed 2.5 million times. The top five most viewed routes in the past year are:

  1. Route 15
  2. Route 80
  3. Route 76
  4. Route 19
  5. Route 14

The re-designed wasn’t the only technology upgrade MCTS made in the past year. The Ride MCTS app launched for iPhones in November with the Android version expected next month. The Ride MCTS app is the first of its kind in Wisconsin, letting people buy their e-tickets right on their phone.

The new app and website are part of the MCTS commitment to make riding easier and more accessible to everyone.