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Masks are required on board all MCTS buses. Please note that MCTS has adjusted its passenger limit from 10 to 15. The MCTS Administration Building remains closed to visitors. Read more here.


Route 23 to Merge with the BlueLine

In response to MCTS riders’ requests to shorten travel times and improve on-time performance, Route 23 will fully merge with the BlueLine starting March 8, 2020.

  • The ‘Route 23’ name is retiring, meaning all current Route 23 and BlueLine service will now be known simply as the BlueLine
  • Signage on all buses and bus stops along this route will simply say BlueLine
  • Buses along this route will continue to run approximately every 10-12 minutes on weekdays
  • Are you used to catching an early-morning or late-night Route 23 trip? Your schedule won’t change! The bus will simply say BlueLine instead of Route 23
  • Do you need to travel north of Fond du Lac Avenue & Congress Street? If so, make sure you read the digital screen on the front or side of your BlueLine bus. Northbound trips will alternate between going to Good Hope & 107th via Mill Road and to Good Hope & 91st via Congress. Make sure you get on board the correct bus, depending on your final destination!

We’ve made this change with our riders in mind. When checking schedules, RideMCTS.com, or the RideMCTS app to see when the next bus is arriving, riders will appreciate having to look at only one route instead of two. This merge also means more consistent arrival times, faster trips, and an improved ability for bus drivers to stay on schedule.

  • White line = BlueLine routing as of March 8
  • Blue dots = Stops served by the BlueLine as of March 8
  • Orange dots = Stops no longer served by the BlueLine as of March 8

Overall, the vast majority of riders – 95% – will continue to be able to use their same bus stop. However, some riders will need to walk an average of one to two additional blocks to reach a stop.

  • The majority of riders say they want faster service – and they’re willing to walk a little extra to get it. That’s why our team is working hard to make sure MCTS bus stops are spaced appropriately – or ‘balanced.’ Properly balanced bus stops along a route make overall service faster and more reliable for everyone, while still preserving convenience and walkability.
  • When bus stops are located too close together, service slows to a crawl. Just think: by the time a bus accelerates away from a stop, it’s time to start slowing down for the next stop. That means it can take a long time to get you to your destination!
  • Bus stop balancing takes out stops that are too close together, not used often, or do not meet standards for being accessible to persons with disabilities. It also makes it easier to make improvements at busier stops (i.e. adding shelters).
  • Please note that buses will continue to serve stops at key destinations and points of interest – like bus transfer corners, major employers, schools, and residences for elderly persons and persons with disabilities.

Click the blue buttons below to see a list of active and removed bus stops as of March 8.

Active Bus Stops as of March 8 Removed Bus Stops as of March 8

These changes were reviewed and approved in the 2020 Budget. You may recall that MCTS previously merged service on RedLine / Route 62 and the PurpleLine / Route 27.