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Scooters are great but MCTS is backbone of community

You may have seen recent news reports about the much-talked-about scooter companies each giving 10 million rides since they launched. 

As supporters of all public transportation, we think that's great. The more options the better. However, considering how much attention these companies get, it's interesting to note:

  • They gave 10 million rides over the course of a few years to people in 100 cities. We give more than 35 million rides EACH YEAR to people in this community.
  • Public transit might not be flashy, we might not get the headlines, and we sure don't care about venture capital valuation, but we are the backbone of our community.
  • We get tens of thousands of people every day to their jobs, their classrooms, their doctors, the store, that party, you name it.
  • We serve people in some of the poorest zip codes in the state and also people in some of the wealthiest areas. We provide rides to people with fancy cars and rides to people who can't drive.
  • We help people who are getting back on their feet and people who are doing their part to give back.
  • We serve the young and the old. We serve parents on their way to work and grandparents on their way to yoga.
  • We provide service at 4am on a Monday and midnight on Christmas. We run in the rain and the snow, and in the heat and the cold.
  • We get your family to the park and to that store you always wanted to check out. We're your ride to cheer on the Brewers and rock out at Summerfest.

Sure, scooters are fun and we truly hope they succeed. But we've been providing service in Milwaukee for nearly 160 years, and we're not stopping anytime soon.

This post originally appeared as a thread on the @RideMCTS Twitter account.