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She Gets it from Her Mama: Mother & Daughter Bond as MCTS Bus Operators

At MCTS, we love moms! We love their children too! We love both so much that we hire them! 

In honor of Mother’s Day, MCTS shines the spotlight on the mother-daughter combo of Latoya Chatman and Elizabeth Harris, both from our Fond du Lac Station. They are one of our many MCTS families whose everyday efforts make a positive impact on our customers.



This mother-daughter duo joined MCTS in 2016 nine months apart – Mom Latoya in February and Daughter Elizabeth in November. This isn’t their first time working together. Both used to operate school buses for Lakeside Buses of Wisconsin.

We talked with Latoya and Elizabeth about what it’s like to work together.

Since you both work at Fond du Lac Station, do you work the same shifts?
Latoya: Not quite because we’re on different levels on the g-(guaranty) board (An assignment board for new operators that guarantees a certain amount of work). I started nine months before her and it’s kind of a rotation. Maybe twice a month we’re here at the same time but not often.

When you do see each other at work, do you say “Hi, Mom!?”
I wave. She doesn’t call me mom here.
Elizabeth: It’s “Toya” or “What’s up, T!”

What work advice has your mom given you?
To remain humble. Having this job, you must be humble.

What work advice has your daughter given you?
(To Elizabeth) Have you given me any advice?
Elizabeth: Yes, bikes are allowed on the buses when the rack is full. 
Latoya: Yes, she did tell me that. (Laughs)
Elizabeth: When there are two bikes on the rack, bikes are allowed on the bus. 
Latoya: I still need to confirm that. (Laughs)

Editor’s Note: Elizabeth is correct. When the exterior bike rack is full, bikes are allowed inside the bus if there is room. Click here to learn more about Bikes on Buses.

What do you like most about working for MCTS?
Honest, this is the first job where I get a vacation. 
Elizabeth: This is the first time I am financially stable. I can take care of myself, do for myself, get a vacation … I’m ready.


Do have any other family members who work here at MCTS? 
Both: No 

What do you do together outside of work?
Latoya: Everything. 
Elizabeth: Right.
Latoya: We shop. I own a duplex and she lives downstairs. Our meals are together. We do grocery shopping together…We do everything together.
Elizabeth: If we can carpool, I’m ready.
Latoya: (Laughs) One time we did carpool.

What’s something you admire about each other?
Elizabeth: Our relationship. She’s like my best friend.
Latoya: I love her confidence. She thinks she’s the “baddest” thing on earth.
Elizabeth: Girl, I am.

Well you know what they say right?
Latoya: She gets it from me. 
(Both giggle.)