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Starting March 28 and lasting until further notice, MCTS is suspending fare collection and informing riders that they must enter and exit the bus through the back door only, unless they need ADA access. Read more here.


MCTS Driver Recognized by Milwaukee Common Council

Milwaukee - The Milwaukee Common Council took some time out from their meeting on January 17, 2018 to recognize MCTS driver Tayetta Currin.

Tayetta was driving the GoldLine on a cold and snowy Christmas Eve day in 2017 when she saw a woman who looked like she needed help. Tayetta pulled over and opened the door.

"I think I'm going into labor," the woman told Tayetta.

Tayetta quickly got out of her seat and helped the woman get on the bus. With the help of two kind passengers, Tayetta got the woman to a seat and called for an ambulance. The video of Tayetta's quick action went viral on social media where it caught the attention of Milwaukee Alderwoman Milele Coggs.

“Ms. Currin demonstrated a level of compassion that is much needed in our
community,” Coggs said as she presented Tayetta with the Common Council's award.