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That’s My Dad! That’s My Son! Son Follows Dad as an MCTS Bus Driver

When Ray Pearson Jr. was a boy, he’d watch his dad, Ray Pearson Sr., put on his MCTS uniform and head to work. Sometimes, he’d even see his dad driving down the street and would wave to him. Now Ray Jr.’s children are watching him get ready for work and spotting him behind the wheel as an MCTS Bus Driver…just like grandad.

For Father’s Day, MCTS highlights one of our many MCTS families whose excellent service helps people get to and from work, home, and everywhere in between. Ray Sr. has been with the company since 1992 and Ray Jr. has been driving with MCTS since 2015. Both have received numerous commendations for their customer service.


We talked with the two recently about what it’s like to work for the same company and be part of the same profession.

Is this your first time working together at the same company?
Ray Sr.: 
No. I worked at a packing house and then he worked there years later.

Ray Jr.: We worked for Cargill.

Ray Sr.: …But this is our first time working together for the same company at the same time.

What motivated you to work for MCTS?
Ray Sr.:
At the packing house, I was injured in an automobile accident. You can’t cut meat with one (broken) hand. I put in an application and the rest is history.

Ray Jr.: The money – I saw an opportunity to earn more.

What do people say when you tell them you both work for MCTS?
Ray Sr.:  
A lot of people don’t know about it, outsiders, and then some in the company don’t know I have a junior who works here.

What memories do have of your dad going to work?
Ray Jr.:
I remember giving him a hard time (laughs). Sometimes while riding in the car with mom (who also works for MCTS) she’d say, “Hey, your dad is on the bus!” We’d go and wait at the bus stop, get on the bus and give him a hug.

Father knows best. What work advice has he given you?
Ray Jr.:
Get there early, and don’t leave at the last minute.

What’s the best thing about working with each other?
Ray Jr.:
One thing I notice is that people who work with him are like, “Hey, I played against your dad in pool and I can’t beat him yet.” They’ll talk about his pool skills and think I’ve got them too. A lot of people try challenging me because they think I’m good as he is … I’m not there yet. I beat him by default. I can’t be beat him-beat him yet. I’m working on it. (Both laugh).


Ray Sr.: I’ve gotten so good now I can play with a broomstick. A stick is a stick. (More laughs).

Are there any other family members who work for MCTS?
Ray Jr.:
Yes, we have a quite few at different stations and different positions. I really don’t like name dropping. We have three at Fond du Lac, one at KK (Kinnickinnic), and my mom, Yolandous Pearson (Training Supervisor).

Ray Sr., were you the family recruiter?
Ray Sr.:
No, basically Yolandous was. He (Ray Jr.) saw an opportunity, went for it and was blessed with a job.

What do you do together outside of work?
Ray Sr.:
We used to go fishing. Sometimes we go shoot pool. Now that he’s got his family, he’s got to take care of them first. We postpone a lot of stuff.

Ray Jr.: Most of the time it is helping each other with cars. 

What is something you admire about each other?
Ray Sr.:
He’s mild-mannered, easy-going, non-argumentative and always puts his best foot forward. When he can’t figure it out, he always asks – so that’s a good thing.

Ray Jr.: I like his work ethic. I try to emulate him as much as possible. Growing up I didn’t get it, but now I’m in the position he’s in, and it’s like, “Wow! I’m doing what he had to do and I see why.” I have a lot of respect for my father because he did a good job raising us, put a lot of effort in to raising us. Now I’m doing it for my family.