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MCTS will resume fare collection and front door boarding on all buses starting June 1, 2020. To help maintain social distancing, MCTS will continue to limit riders to 10 per bus. Read more here.


April Fools!

Did we fool ya?

While the Bronze Fonz can drive and MCTS buses can't run on tracks and we can't turn the bus into a mobile axe-throwing vehicle we can get you to work, school, a night out, or just about anywhere else you want to go.

With the all-new Ride MCTS app, getting on the bus is as easy as A to B. From planning to tracking to paying, the Ride MCTS app gets you on the bus and get you to where you want to “B.” 

This April First (or any other day) give MCTS a try, you'd be a fool not to!

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