The MCTS M•CARD is a high tech, affordable and reusable way to pay for bus service - plus you save money every time you use it!

Get your card and load it online or at more than 90 locations with Stored Cash Value or a 1-,7-, or 31-Day Pass.

With the M•CARD you’ll never need to worry about carrying cash or having the exact change. Everything you need is on one powerful card! 

How Does the M•CARD Work

Load the card with money or a pass then simply touch your M•CARD to the orange target on the farebox.

  • The passenger display will show information about the transaction.
  • The farebox will beep once for full fare or twice for reduced fare cards. 
M•CARD Terminology


  • When you put a pass on your M•CARD, you can ride as much as you want during the time you bought the pass. The 1, 7 & 31-Day Passes are good for unlimited rides from the time you buy it until the end of MCTS service (4:59 am) the following day, on the 7th day & 31st day, consecutively.

Stored Cash Value

  • Stored Cash Value is cash value that you may load onto your MCTS M•CARD to pay for transit rides. Load any amount between $2 and $100 and the cash value stored on your M•CARD is deducted to pay your fare when you tap your card at a farebox. For example, if you load $20 of stored cash value onto your M•CARD, $1.75 (for adult regular fare) will be deducted from your card when you board a bus and a 90 minute transfer will automatically added to your card.


  • A 90 minute transfer is automatically added to your card after you pay your fare. You can use that transfer to board other buses during the 90 minutes. After 90 minutes you have to buy another ride ($1.75).
M•CARD Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to buy an MCTS M•CARD?

  • Yes, there is a one time $2 cost of the card. The card can be re-loaded and used for years. 

What if I’m paying for more than one person?

  • Let the driver know you are paying as a group fare BEFORE you touch the card to the farebox. Wait until the bus operator tells you it is okay to place the card on the farebox. The farebox will deduct the appropriate amount from your MCTS M•CARD and upload a group transfer to your card.

How do I use MCTS M•CARD to pay my fare?

  • Touch your MCTS M•CARD on the farebox's card reader, which looks like a rectangular orange pad. A green light and a single beep indicate that the card has been accepted. If you use cash, you will insert bills and coins into the farebox.

What do I do if my MCTS M∙CARD is lost or stolen?

  • We recommend you register your card at M∙CARD Online or write down the serial number which is located on the lower left hand side on the back of the card (starts with 05), and keep this number in a safe place.

    In the event your card is lost or stolen, contact M∙CARD Services and they can transfer whatever value you had onto a new M•CARD. 

    Please note that M•CARDs cannot be registered the same day they are purchased.

If I lose my registered MCTS M•CARD, how long do I have to wait for a replacement?

Here is how the process works:

  1. Inform an MCTS M•CARD Services staff person (during regular business hours) that your card was lost, stolen or damaged or select the “Lost/Stolen” card option on the online store.
  2. Your card will be blocked.
  3. It may take up to 36 hours for the card to be blocked. Any fraudulent rides taken on a lost or stolen card during that time will not count against your Stored Cash Value or pass.
  4. You will need to obtain a replacement MCTS M•CARD by visiting an MCTS M•CARD retail sales location and following the normal purchasing rules OR you can come to the MCTS Administration Building to obtain a new MCTS M•CARD.
  5. Once you have your replacement card, M•CARD Services will transfer the remaining balance or remaining pass days to your new card.

What is M•CARD Online?

  • With M•CARD Online, riders can register their card, check their balance, add money (passes or Stored Cash Value) to their M•CARD or even order a new card, all from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Visit the M•CARD Online page for more information.

Can I punch a hole in my MCTS M•CARD to carry it on my keychain?

  • No. You should NEVER punch a hole in your MCTS M•CARD. All M•CARDs contain a computer chip that can be damaged and cause the MCTS M•CARD to perform improperly. Please do not bend, puncture, cut or damage your MCTS M•CARD in any way.

I need to manage a large number of MCTS users through my organization. How can I do this?

  • MCTS has several options that can work for large organizations or non-profit groups that need to provide MCTS fares to their members. Please contact MCTS M•CARD Services at 414-937-0470 or send an email to to discuss solutions with a member of our team. Our staff is available to help Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

How does the M•CARD affect my bus travel to Waukesha County?

  • For transfers between the Waukesha Metro Transit System (WMTS) and the MCTS GoldLine, passengers may transfer with a valid transfer or pass from either system (e.g. Waukesha Metro Transit monthly, MCTS 1, 7, 31-Day Pass) with no extra cost unless a transfer is requested. Waukesha Metro will have a hand held device which will read your MCTS M•CARD to see if it is valid. 

    • If requesting a transfer from MCTS, passengers transferring from Waukesha Metro to MCTS must pay full MCTS fare when requesting a transfer.

    • ​If requesting a transfer from Waukesha Metro, passenger with a valid MCTS M•CARD must pay 50 cents to receive a Waukesha Metro transfer. 

What If I Have Other Questions About My Card?

  • Customers with questions about their MCTS M•CARD can contact M•CARD Services at (414) 937-0470 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Customers can also send in their questions via an online form found here.