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MCTS is changing the way you pay! Starting March 1, Umo app users can load stored value (or "cash") into their Umo wallets and get the perks of WisGo before the full launch April 1.


WisGo is Coming: Here are the Top Things to Know Before it’s Here 


We have been working over the past year and a half to modernize our fare collection system, WisGo. We're getting closer to our full launch on April 1! Here are some quick facts you should know before then. 

  1. Have you seen our new validators on our buses? They will be ready for Umo mobile app users March 1, and WisGo card users on April 1.

  2. Note! For mobile app users on March 1, stored value or “cash” will be enabled. This change is automatic. Before you board, remember to load “cash” in the app’s wallet, and you’ll be good to go! The app will even let you know when you’re running low and ask if you want to top up your wallet with your credit card on file. 

  3. Fare capping will also be enabled March 1 for the Umo app, and April 1 for WisGo cards. Instead of purchasing daily, weekly, or monthly passes, our new system will deduct stored value for the amount of one ride ($2 for regular fare, $1 for reduced fare) each time you ride. You'll never pay more than $4 a day to ride (full fare) or $2 a day (reduced fare). 

  4. Do you currently use an M-Card? It’s good through September 30, but starting April 1, you can visit any retail location and pick up a brand new WisGo card for free through the end of June 2023. You’ll be able to load it with any amount of money and begin using it on buses immediately in April.  

  5. No more waiting up to 36-hours for money to appear on your card! You’ll be able to load money onto your WisGo card and it’ll be immediately available for use.  

  6. You can still load value onto an M-Card until the end of August 2023, but… 

  7. ...we will no longer accept M-Cards on buses starting September 30, 2023. 

  8. You will still be able to pay with cash … but you will no longer get a transfer. Using the Umo app or WisGo card is the only way to get a transfer. 

  9. This new system will help make fare collection go much quicker and will help pave the way for our MCTS CONNECT BRT launch that’ll have ticket vending machines and off-board fare collection via “platform validators” at each CONNECT bus stop.