WisGo Fare Collection System Update - Phase I

During Phase I, after an extensive review of requirements and completing the proposal process, MCTS chose Cubic’s Umo Mobility Platform for its innovative and flexible back office, user-friendly mobile application, hardware compatibility and widest solution for a retail network. MCTS switched to a new mobile app to accommodate the account-based system and is set to begin installation of validators on buses throughout the winter.  

The rider experience will include the full benefits of the new fare collection system via the Umo app once the system is available in 2023. Until the full WisGo system launches, MCTS encourages riders to continue downloading the Umo app in the Google Play and Apple Store. By creating an account via the app, riders will be able to transition to the new system more smoothly. To date, more than 51,000 riders have downloaded the app to plan their trip, track their bus and pay their fare.  

MCTS reminds riders that until the new fare collection system launches, payment options through the app are still currently limited to credit, debit cards, and Apple Pay and Google Pay. There is no stored value option enabled yet which means all fares activate immediately so riders should not purchase their fare via the app until they are ready to board the bus. Riders can purchase single fares and a Day Pass via the app. Group fares are possible via the M-Card only. M-Cards will be valid until mid-2023. Cash will remain an option.