WisGo Fare Collection System Update - Phase III

The full WisGo system and Bus Rapid Transit line (BRT) are expected to go live by Phase III, mid-2023. Through the Umo mobile app and contactless smart cards, riders will be able to create accounts that will automatically track rides, deduct the amounts from their online accounts, and cap total costs at the lowest daily, weekly and monthly rates.  This “fare capping” provides equitable pricing for everyone, as costs are adjusted based on rider frequency. The more passengers ride, the more they save.  

The launch will coincide with the start of MCTS’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service. The BRT E-W line will reimagine travel to and from downtown, change the entire pedestrian environment, foster cleaner air, and connect thousands of employees to jobs through high-frequency electric bus service. Federal, state, city, and county government officials have embraced the shared goal to bring about these changes through enhanced public transit.