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MCTS is changing the way you pay! Starting March 1, Umo app users can load stored value (or "cash") into their Umo wallets and get the perks of WisGo before the full launch April 1.


WisGo Fare Collection System Update - What's to come


Our newly updated fare system anticipated for April 1, 2023 is called WisGo! Here’s a preview of everything you’ll need to know about the ways to pay, how much rides will cost, and what fare capping is all about.

Validators will be ready for Umo mobile app users starting March 1! Card users will be able to use WisGo cards and benefit from the new fares starting April 1.

Check back to this page as we make progress in the coming months!


Adult Regular Fare

Most common for riders ages 12–64.
Umo App Icon
WisGo Card Icon
Cash Icon
$200 per rideFare Capping
$4 Daily
$19.50 Weekly
$72 Monthly


Reduced Fare

For riders 65+ & ages 6-11 or with a qualifying disability. Children 5 and under ride free.
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Reduced Fare Icon
Cash Icon
$100 per rideFare Capping
$2 Daily
$11 Weekly
$32 Monthly

*Riders can still pay with cash but they will not get the benefits of fare capping or transfers


What is Fare Capping?

Never pay more than the daily, weekly, or monthly limit when you use the Umo app or WisGo card.

  • Instead of purchasing daily, weekly, or monthly passes the system stops charging once you've reached the max.
  • As you ride, the WisGo system deducts fare value from your account for each trip. Don't worry, transfers are still free.
  • DAILY - Once you have paid a total of $4 that day ($2 for reduced fare) the system will let you ride fare free for the rest of the day. That means whether you ride 2x or 10x that day you won't pay more than $4!
  • WEEKLY - Starting on Monday, WisGo will start counting how much you spend. Once you have used $19.50 in fare ($11 reduced fare) the system will let you ride fare free for the rest of the week.
  • MONTHLY - Each calendar month, WisGo will start counting how much you spend. Once you have used $72 in fare ($32 reduced fare) the system will let you ride fare free for the rest of the month.
  • Protect your fare! Create an account at UmoPass.com. With a registered account if your card is lost or stolen your account balance can be transferred to a new card.
  • Note: You MUST pay with the same method (e.g. mobile app, WisGo card, etc.) to get fare capping benefits
What payment options are available?

In the UMO app, you can use any major credit or debit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can also take your app to any one of our retailers to load. At this time, prepaid cards or cards linked to Chime, Cash App, Netspend, Paypal or Venmo, etc are not accepted. Your WisGo card can be loaded on the UMO passenger web portal using any major credit or debit card. You can also take your card to one of our retailer or reseller locations to load funds.

Card Replacement Fees
Your first WisGo full fare or reduced fare card is free April through June. After that, your first card costs $2 and replacement cards cost $3 for full fare riders. Reduced fare riders get their first card free, and pay $5 for reduced fare replacement cards. Card charges cover the cost of processing cards

Is my fare increasing?

No. Single reduced fare rides will be $1.00 with a 90-minute transfer. Single full fare rides will be $2.00 with a 90-minute transfer. Cash riders will not receive a transfer.

What about passes?

Daily, weekly and monthly passes are being replaced with fare capping.

  • Daily fare (3:00 AM-2:59 AM):
    • $2.00 for reduced fare and $4.00 for full fare.
  • Weekly (Sunday-Saturday)
    • $11.00 for reduced fare and $19.50 for full fare.
  • Monthly (Calendar month: first day of month to last day of month)
    • $32.00 for reduced fare and $72.00 for full fare.

Fare capping is not available for cash fare.

Once I reach my cap, is my fare really free?

Yes! To fully receive this benefit, your fare must have been paid using your WisGo card, or Umo mobile app account. (Fare must be exclusively paid using one or the other option, not both)

How are transfers built into the new system?

You still will receive your 90-minute transfer. Upon boarding the bus, you will either scan your WisGo card or QR code from the app. Your proper fare will be deducted and when you board your next bus, you will scan again and you will see a message on the screen indicating how much transfer time is remaining.
Transfers are not available for cash fare.

I’ve purchased my fare on the Umo App: now what?

Paying for your ride with the Umo App uses a Quick Response (QR) code or "Validation Code" that is linked to your Umo account once you purchase your fare. You can access your code for trip validation by going to Wallet > Show Code.

How will I know if the validator accepted my fare?

You will hear a happy chime and green light if your code is accepted and a buzz and a red light if your code is not accepted. Click here for a full list of validator messages you could encounter. 


THE UMO APP (updated fares available March 1)

Use the UMO app to pay your fare.

  • Credit or Debit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Get the App today

WISGO CARD (updated fares available April 1)

You can buy and reload a WisGo card at hundreds of local retailers including 
supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores.

  • Replaces the M•Card
  • More convenient than before
  • Great for riders without a mobile device
  • $2 for full fare replacement card and $5 for reduced fare card replacement
  • Pick up your WisGo card for free at any of our retail locations April 1-June 30! (locations lists to come)


Cash will always be an option!

  • Great for single rides
  • * Transfers and fare capping do not work with cash fares


Your U-PASS provides you unlimited rides on MCTS during your enrollment as a full-time student in a participating institution. You'll have the option to use a WisGo card or WisGo in the Umo app!


Commuter Value Pass

Affordable, reliable transportation means happy employees and happy employers alike. The Commuter Value Pass (CVP) is an electronic smart card that makes riding the bus easy for employees. You'll also have the option of using it in WisGo in the Umo app!



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