What is MCTS NEXT?

Faster service

More connections

Increased Accessibility

Redesigning routes for the future of transit in Milwaukee County. 

MCTS NEXT is a new way of looking at transit. We’re examining how we can provide faster service with more connections and increased accessibility. We’re also looking at making transit easier to use. 

At its core, MCTS NEXT is about creating more high frequency bus routes. By increasing transit service in busy corridors, we can help more people get to work, school and everywhere they are going faster and easier.

Benefits of Redesigning Routes 

Current riders


Buses come more often


Less waiting when transferring between routes


Shorter overall travel times for many trips

Milwaukee Community


More residents will have access to a bus route that arrives every 15 minutes (or better)


A new network of frequent bus routes will be easier for riders to understand


Frequent routes cost MCTS significantly less to operate per passenger, ensuring taxpayer money is spent wisely

Project Timeline

Community Meetings
2018 Concept Finalized
2020-2021 Service Begins

Get Involved! 

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Check out how MCTS NEXT works

See the impact of redesigns in other cities


What are the goals of MCTS NEXT?

By comprehensively reviewing the network, MCTS will understand how to better serve our existing and potential riders. The program will provide more frequent service on busy corridors, more connections overall and better accessibility for more riders than we do today. More high frequency bus routes reduce travel times for current riders and attract new riders. 

How much does it cost?

MCTS NEXT is a reimagining of the MCTS route network using current budget constraints. We do not anticipate any additional funding but do assume future budgets will allow us to continue to offer the same amount of service we do today. 

Will MCTS NEXT make my trip shorter?

The goal of MCTS NEXT is to speed up travel times on the vast majority of trips taken.

Does MCTS NEXT impact weekend service?

Under the MCTS NEXT plan, weekend service would dramatically improve. People travel seven days a week, and currently our service does not match the demand. Some routes will see increased frequency to better represent the demand. More frequent weekend service will provide riders with better service to get to their destinations seven days a week.

How does the plan address the Park and Ride System

The focus on MCTS NEXT is the seven day a week fixed route service that comprises 90% of MCTS service. Freeway Flyers, UBUSes, and Summerfest and State Fair service are not part of the analysis. 

How does the plan address ParaTransit services?

MCTS ParaTransit services will remain unchanged as a result of the MCTS NEXT plan. 

I missed the public meetings, what can I do?

No problem, if you we not able to attend one of our five initial meetings, you can send us your input by using the form at this link.

Also, be on the lookout, we'll have more meetings coming up later in 2018.