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Please note that: MCTS continues to limit riders to 10 per bus, fare collection and front door boarding has resumed, riders are strongly encouraged to wear masks while on board, and the MCTS Administration Building is closed to visitors. Read more here.


Latest Updates: June 2020


MCTS has further refined the Recommended System Map to better reflect the comments of riders and stakeholders, to ensure service will be fiscally sustainable, and to advance racial equity in our community.

While most routes remained the same from the previous map, there are important differences. Here is a summary of the major changes:

  • Route 35 will be converted into a 15 minute high frequency route. It will also be extended to serve a major grocery store at 60th & Layton.
  • BlueLine service will be extended to 124th & Bradley and give residents on the northwest side new access to three major grocery stores.
  • New Route 65 will give residents on Hopkins Street more places to go by extending service along Capitol Drive, Fond du Lac Avenue, and Congress Street to 92nd Street. Riders will also see more frequent service on weekends (buses run hourly on Route 80 today).
  • New Route 88 simplifies service for riders along Brown Deer Road by having one route that travels from Green Bay Avenue all the way to 124th & Bradley. It will also provide service to three major grocery stores.
  • Route 15 is modified to provide more direct service to employers near Chicago & Drexel.

MCTS intends to go before the Transportation, Public Works, and Transit Committee at the July 8, 2020 meeting and ask for a resolution to approve the 2020 Recommended System Map. If approved, the next step will be for the full County Board to review and approve the resolution.

You can find more information about the Committee here.

If approved, MCTS would prepare a schedule for making incremental service changes consistent with the plan along with outreach efforts to inform riders, stakeholders, and the public.