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February 2020 Update: The information below is no longer up-to-date. For the latest on MCTS NEXT, please visit RideMCTS.com/NEXT. Thank you!


2020 Recommended System Map


In the latest phase of MCTS NEXT, we refined our plan to better reflect the comments of riders and stakeholders, to ensure service will be fiscally sustainable, and to advance racial equity in our community.

We received nearly 700 public comments and 3,600 additional interactions from riders, stakeholders, bus drivers and elected officials through over a year of public engagement which included 13 public open house events and 42 stakeholder meetings. Your comments helped shape the 2020 Recommended System map on how best to connect people to job centers, medical centers, schools / universities, shopping centers and entertainment destinations.

We also prioritized expanding the number of routes with high frequency service (meaning buses arrive at a stop every 15 minutes or better) and making service easier to understand (meaning more intuitive route names).

Finally, as Milwaukee County endeavors to become the healthiest county in the State of Wisconsin, the 2020 MCTS NEXT Recommended System Map also prioritized advancing racial equity, e.g., by expanding high frequency service and providing new service to major job centers / grocery stores.

  • Route 35 will be converted into a 15 minute high frequency route. It will also be extended to serve a major grocery store at 60th & Layton.
  • BlueLine service will be extended to 124th & Bradley and give residents on the northwest side new access to three major grocery stores.
  • New Route 65 will give residents on Hopkins Street more places to go by extending service along Capitol Drive, Fond du Lac Avenue, and Congress Street to 92nd Street. Riders will also see more frequent service on weekends (buses run hourly on Route 80 today).
  • New Route 88 simplifies service for riders along Brown Deer Road by having one route that travels from Green Bay Avenue all the way to 124th & Bradley. It will also provide service to three major grocery stores.

The Recommended System includes:

  • 60% High Frequency Service (buses come every 15 minutes or better)
  • 40% Low Frequency Service (buses come every 20 to 40 minutes)

Click here to see a PDF of the Recommended System Map. Below is a link to an interactive version of the Recommended System Map. Please note you can leave a comment directly on the map by clicking the blue "ADD A COMMENT" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can also submit feedback by filling out this form.


  • Pink - High Frequency (16 routes)
  • Blue - Local Routes (17 routes)
  • Green - Daytime Routes (service runs 6 a.m. -8 p.m.) (3 routes)


Resources for Riders with Visual Impairments

MCTS NEXT 2020 Recommended System Route Impacts Map

  • Click this link to see a map that shows new segments of service that are proposed to be added.
  • The above map also shows current segments of service that are proposed to be discontinued.

MCTS NEXT Current and Recommended High Frequency Network Map

  • Click this link to see the current High Frequency network alongside the proposed Recommended High Frequency network.