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What We're Hearing from Riders


MCTS has been conducting a comprehensive public outreach campaign since June 2018 to gather as much feedback as possible about MCTS NEXT! We've interacted with thousands of people who were eager to give us their comments. While our Planning Experts continue to work on the latest proposal, we want to share with you some of what we've learned so far:

Solid Support for MCTS NEXT

  • 75% support either or both of the two original proposed plans
  • 78% said proposed plans were easy to understand
  • 79% said proposed plans connected major places
  • 70% said proposed plans would allow them to ride the bus more often
  • 70% want more frequent routes/faster service
  • 75% are willing to walk 1 to 3 blocks farther to get to a high-frequency bus stop

Which proposal is more popular?

  • Overall, there is more support for the 60/40 option than the 80/20 option

Top preferences for new high-frequency service

  • 76th Street
  • Oklahoma Avenue
  • Humboldt Boulevard

Top preferences for corridors that should have service

  • Hopkins Street
  • Wilson Drive - Santa Monica
  • Miller Park Way
  • Port Washington Road
  • Howell Avenue (Oak Creek)

Top concerns for MCTS NEXT

  • Concern  about additional walking to bus stops due to bus stop optimization (especially in winter)
  • Concern that daytime routes would not meet the evening service hours of businesses/institutions along the route
  • Concerns about connections to outlying job centers, including those outside of Milwaukee County

In addition to bus riders and other members of the public, we've already met with more than 35 stakeholder groups to get their feedback about MCTS NEXT! That growing list includes: