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Masks are required on board all MCTS buses. Please note that MCTS has adjusted its passenger limit from 10 to 15. The MCTS Administration Building remains closed to visitors. Read more here.


MCTS regularly makes service changes to routes four times a year (typically December, March, June, and September). There are many reasons why changes are made, e.g., road construction / long-term detours, new commercial developments, and in response to how people use MCTS. MCTS needs to be efficient with its resources and allocates them accordingly based on ridership trends and route productivity. Ultimately, we want to provide service that is reliable, efficient and focused on best serving our community.

New schedules and maps will be available online August 20. There will also be signage at affected bus stops with information for riders.

The following changes will begin August 30, 2020. Below is a video as well as written details of what you can expect!  (Please note that our current passenger limit is 15 per bus. This video was recorded when the passenger limit was 10 per bus).


Routes with Minor Schedule Adjustments:

The following routes will have minor schedule adjustments that will make it easier for our drivers to run on schedule and get you to your destination as quickly as possible: 12, 21, 31, 40U, 44U, 49U, 5367, BlueLine, RR1, RR2 & RR3


Major Service Changes:

  • Route 19: To provide improved transit access and a better driving experience for our bus operators, on the north end of this route, service will be extended north of Silver Spring Drive on N. 35th Street to Florist Avenue and east on Florist to a new operator rest break location near Florist & Teutonia Avenue.  From there, new routing will continue south on Teutonia, west on Silver Spring Drive and south on N. 35th.  To improve service efficiency, on the south end, service will be discontinued on S. 20th Street south of College Avenue via Wood Avenue-S. 19th Street-Salem Street.  Riders can still access Route 19 at stops in both directions at College & S. 20th.

    • Blue line = Route 19 routing as of August 30
    • Green dots = Stops served by the Route 19 as of August 30
    • Red dots = Stops no longer served by the Route 19 as of August 30


  • Route 31:  To provide more service to Mayfair Mall on weekends, more buses on this route will operate via Vliet to Mayfair Mall on Saturdays and Sundays. Service to the Milwaukee County Research Park will be reduced due to low ridership.


  • Route 55:  
    To provide a better driving experience for our bus operators, on the west end of this route, the operator rest break location will shift from Hales Corners Park & Ride Lot to a new eastbound bus stop at 10685 W. Layton Avenue, just east of Andy’s gas station.  Route 55 will still serve the bus stop in the Hales Corners Park & Ride Lot, but will no longer park in the lot for several minutes at a time.  If you ride Route 55 eastbound from the Park & Ride Lot, please be at the stop ready to board when the bus enters the lot.
    • Blue line = Route 55 routing as of August 30
    • Green dots = Stops served by the Route 55 as of August 30


  • PurpleLine:
    To accommodate physical distancing, to help this route’s schedule be more consistent, and to improve the frequency with which buses run on this route, additional buses will operate shorter trips between Loomis Road to the south and Capitol Drive to the north.  Please be sure to read the destination sign on the outside of the bus to determine how far your PurpleLine bus will be going.  More buses will also be added to this route on Sundays to improve its frequency and to help with physical distancing, as well.
    • Blue line = PurpleLine routing as of August 30
    • Green dots = Stops served by the PurpleLine as of August 30