Beginning Sunday, March 12, 2017, we’re making changes to some of our routes to better connect people to jobs. The improvements will also meet rider demand and help buses stay on time.




Most of the changes are minimal schedule updates we do four times a year to reflect the changing seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) but some of the changes are more significant, including additional service.

Routes with minor schedule changes: 15, 23, 31, 40, 43, 48, 57, 61, 63, 67, 80, 85, 219, 223, BlueLine, GreenLine.

For information on routes with more significant changes, check out the details below.


PurpleLine (south - NML extension)

We’re extending the PurpleLine south to increase access to jobs and retail. The route will go as far south as the Franklin Northwestern Mutual Life campus weekdays from 7am-6pm. On evenings and weekends the route will travel south to Rawson Avenue.

Click here to see the new PurpleLine schedule.

  • Key:
    • blue line = current route
    • green line = NML extension


PurpleLine & Route 27 (north)

Both routes will now run north to Florist Avenue all day on weekends and weekdays. This increased service will better connect workers to businesses along the route. This route also provides south side riders with a new connection to the Bayshore Town Center and other destinations.

Highlights of the Glendale Industrial Park MCTS Service Extensions

  • Service every 15 minutes during weekdays to the Glendale Industrial Park on Routes 27 and PurpleLine.
  • 85 trips a day from Green Bay and Hampton to Baker and Camden (an increase from 27 trips a day)
  • The route improvements increase opportunities for bus riders to transfer at Silver Spring and Green Bay to connect to Route 63 heading to Bayshore Town Center and other destinations.
  • Per the most recent U.S. Census data, there are more than 4,333 jobs located on this portion of Routes 27 and the PurpleLine.

Click here to see the new Route 27 schedule.

Click here to see the new PurpleLine schedule.

  • Key:
    • blue line = current route
    • green line = Florist weekday extension


Route 6

Addition of 10 new roundtrips on Moorland Road between Brookfield Square Mall and BuySeasons during the weekdays. The additional service will expand job access and rider flexibility. Riders can take the GoldLine to Brookfield Square Mall to connect to the new service.

Click here to see the new Route 6 schedule.


Route 64

The addition of more than 60 new trips and expanded weekday and weekend evening service is expected to be a hit with riders. The improved service will serve the new Meijer store in Greenfield as well as improve access to the Badger Association for the Blind and Vision Forward in Milwaukee.

Click here to see the new Route 64 schedule.


Route 51

The eastern extension to Howard and Packard Avenue in St. Francis is being eliminated due to low ridership. The route will now end at New York and Oklahoma. Riders can still access St. Francis via Route 15, and Packard Avenue, and Lake Drive on the Route 48 Flyer.

Click here to see the new Route 51 schedule.