Sunday, January 6, 2019, we’re making changes to some of our routes to streamline our service and better connect people to jobs, school, shopping and everywhere you need to go.




Most of the changes are minimal schedule updates we do four times a year to reflect the changing seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) but some of the changes are more significant. You’ll find those details below.


Major Route Changes:

  • Route 22: 

    • Route 22 will be extended west on Center Street to N. 92nd and north on 92nd to Grantosa Avenue to replace Route 57 routing. These adjustments are to help cover areas that used to be served by Route 61, which is retiring.

    • Click here to see the new Route 22 schedule


  • Routes 27 & PurpleLine: 
    • To provide faster and more efficient service on 27th Street, Route 27 is fully merging with the PurpleLine. All buses and trips on 27th Street will now be known as the PurpleLine. All current PurpleLine bus stops on 27th Street will remain in service. Southbound PurpleLine trips will alternate between terminating at Walmart-College Avenue and IKEA. Walmart-College trips will serve the Ramsey-35th-College loop while IKEA trips will stay on S. 27th Street.
    • Click here for the new PurpleLine stops
    • Click here to see the new PurpleLine schedule


  • Route 57:
    • Route 57 will replace Route 61 service west of Keefe & N. 60th Street, serving Appleton Avenue, Falls Parkway, Silver Spring Drive, and County Line Road into Waukesha County, ending at the Germantown Walmart. 
    • Click here to see the new Route 57 schedule


Routes with Extended Service





Routes with Minor Schedule Adjustments

The following routes will have minor schedule adjustments that will make it easier for our drivers to run on schedule and get you to your destination on time: 12, 15, 19, 28, 33, 40, 44U, 51, 52, 54, 56, 60, 63, 76, 80, GoldLine, GreenLine, RR1


Retired Routes

  • Route 6: 
    • Due to the end of limited funding for Route 6, this route’s last day of service is Saturday, December 22.
    • Customers can still use RedLine for Capitol Drive service or utilize GoldLine to reach Brookfield Square Mall. 
  • Route 27: 
    • To provide faster and more efficient and direct service, the Route 27 (27th Street) will merge with the PurpleLine (27th Street). 
  • Route 61:
    • The Route 61 name will be retired due to the end of limited funding. MCTS is making adjustments to Routes 22 and 57 to help serve riders who used to ride Route 61 (See above for 22 and 57 info). This route’s last day of service is Saturday, January 5th.
    • The portion of the former Route 61 east of 60th and Keefe will no longer be served. Riders will need to use other nearby routes.