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Masks are required on board all MCTS buses. MCTS continues to limit riders to 15 per bus, and the MCTS Administration Building remains closed to visitors. Read more here.



Shared Commitment to Health & Safety

We're all on this ride together. Since the start of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) has worked tirelessly to keep passengers and employees healthy while continuing to provide vital services that our community depends on. And we appreciate that you’re doing your part, too. You rely on us. We rely on you. It's a shared commitment to protecting each other and moving forward as a community.

Here's What You Can Do:


Wear a Mask

Avoid Close Contact

Wash or Sanitize Hands


Cover Coughs & Sneezes

Use Contactless Fare

Stay Home When Sick

Here's What We're Doing:

MCTS buses go through an extra daily disinfection process using EPA-approved and CDC-recommended products. That’s in addition to the standard cleaning that vehicles receive on a regular basis.


MCTS requires that all passengers and employees wear a face mask or cloth that covers their nose and mouth while on board buses or inside our facilities.


MCTS has equipped every bus in the fleet with a dispenser to provide free masks for passengers (one per passenger, while supplies last) as well as a hand sanitizer pump.

MCTS is currently permitting a maximum of 15 passengers on a bus at any given time. This helps increase the ability for riders and employees to follow social distancing guidelines.


MCTS is using all available communication channels — including digital platforms, advertisements, press releases, and on-bus audio announcements and signage to inform riders and employees of important COVID-19 related information.

MCTS provides disinfectant solutions and cleaning cloths to bus drivers to ensure that they can clean their workspace throughout the day. We are also providing equipment like masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to employees.



Each of our facilities (stations, garages and administrative offices) are thoroughly cleaned every day. We’ve installed signage across our work locations to offer reminders and important information.

The MCTS Administration Building, 1942 N. 17th Street, is currently closed to visitors. Accommodations are being made to serve visitors remotely.

Tips for Safe Riding
  • If you ever see a bus that seems too crowded for your comfort level, consider waiting for the next bus to arrive.
  • Sometimes there is gridlock at the front door as passengers exit while others are boarding and trying to pay their fare. To help prevent this from happening, please remember to enter through the front door, pay your fare, then find a seat. When it’s time to exit, please use the rear door only (unless you need assistance with a mobility device or other ADA accommodation).
  • Social distancing means putting as much extra space between yourself and others. Try using staggered seating on buses. When possible, consider choosing a window seat so that you’re not directly along the aisle. Avoid sitting directly next to someone whenever possible.
  • Please respect the personal space of your bus driver and fellow passengers. This includes avoiding unnecessary conversation and interaction.
  • When possible, consider riding the bus during non-peak times. Our highest ridership generally occurs on weekdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The routes with the highest ridership are: PurpleLine, BlueLine, Route 30, RedLine, Route 15, and GreenLine.
Teaming Up Across the Country

The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is proud to join the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) “Health and Safety Commitments Program,” the public transportation industry’s overarching pledge to passengers that public transit systems are taking all the necessary measures to operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The health and safety of passengers and operators is the most important priority for MCTS. Since the beginning of the pandemic, MCTS has worked tirelessly to keep riders safe from infection from the coronavirus. By signing on to the APTA Health and Safety Commitments Program with more than 100 other public transit systems, MCTS and the public transit industry are actively working to instill confidence in riders that it’s committed to protecting their health and safety. 

The Program was developed after asking transit users from across the country what measures would make them feel more confident riding public transportation amid concerns about COVID-19. From this research, the industry identified four key areas that transit systems need to address to earn riders’ confidence:

  • Following public health guidelines from official sources
  • Cleaning and disinfecting transit vehicles frequently and requiring face coverings and other protections
  • Keeping passengers informed and empowered to choose the safest times and routes to ride
  • Putting health first by requiring riders and employees to avoid public transit if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or feel ill

MCTS has pledged to meet these commitments by creating specific policies that are effective for our system, our riders, and our community. You can read more about these policies by visiting RideMCTS.com/Coronavirus and RideMCTS.com/Health.

A key component of the Health and Safety Commitments Program is the shared responsibility of our system and our riders to follow the guidelines. Riders rely on us to follow these commitments, and MCTS relies on riders to protect themselves and other customers. 

“This program is a commitment that this industry is making to all those we serve now and to those who we look forward to serving,” said Nuria I. Fernandez, APTA Chair, and General Manager and CEO of Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. “Public transportation is and will be vital to the social and economic recovery of our nation. But getting there requires us to win back our ridership and encourage new riders to view public transit as a preferred mobility choice. We believe this commitment program will help do this.”

“The program being launched today is the public transportation industry’s pledge to promote sensible policies and practices designed to keep transit users and transit employees safe during the COVID-19 crisis,” said APTA President and CEO Paul P. Skoutelas. “It is a logical extension of the innovation and commitment we have been demonstrating for the past several months – and it makes the need for at least $32 billion in additional emergency funding that much more urgent and critical.” 

Learn More

MCTS has a special webpage, RideMCTS.com/Coronavirus, with the latest information about service, policies and procedures related to COVID-19. The page also includes frequently asked questions and an archive of press releases and announcements that we've made throughout the pandemic.