MCTS Reinstates Mask Policy on Buses | View Alert

In partnership with Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) will require everyone to wear masks on County buses. 


April 8: MCTS Update on Coronavirus or COVID-19

Updated April 8, 2020:

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is taking additional steps to help increase the ability for riders and employees to follow social distancing guidelines while utilizing MCTS for trips to essential jobs and critical destinations like grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Starting Thursday, April 9 and lasting until further notice, a maximum of 10 passengers will be allowed on a bus at any given time. Capping the number of riders on each bus should help occupants avoid close contact with others.

MCTS is also adding incremental service to help overcrowding and reduce wait times if buses are full.

Here’s what riders need to know:

  • Buses continue to be for essential trips only. Unless obtaining necessary supplies and services to sustain your life and the lives of others, or traveling to and from employment at an "essential business" that is "necessary to sustain life," you should stay home.
  • No leisure riding, loitering, or sleeping permitted.
  • Plan for extra travel time.
  • As buses become full, drivers will not stop to pick up additional passengers.
  • Do not ride the bus If you tested positive for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), are currently awaiting test results, or think you may have been exposed to someone who has the virus.
  • Continue to enter and exit the bus through the back door only (unless you need help with a mobility device or other ADA accommodation). Be patient and leave plenty of space between yourself and others while entering and exiting the bus.
  • If possible, wear a face mask or another type of cloth covering your nose and mouth to prevent illness from spreading.

While MCTS has taken several precautions to protect passengers and employees, it is important that the general public does its part. MCTS bus drivers are on the front lines providing service to those who serve the public – like doctors, nurses, cleaners, grocery store clerks, stockers, and so many others. Please be respectful by following all guidelines and policies listed above and most importantly, only ride the bus for "essential services only." For bus-riding guidelines and more information, visit