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Masks are required on board all MCTS buses. MCTS continues to limit riders to 15 per bus, and the MCTS Administration Building remains closed to visitors. Read more here.


Bronze Fonz Becomes MCTS Driver

Milwaukee, WI – The newest MCTS bus driver is making it easy to get from Ayyyy to B! The Bronze Fonz recently passed the five-week MCTS driver training course and will be getting behind the wheel starting April 1st. The Bronze Fonz joins the ranks of the more than 700 MCTS drivers who provide more than 130,000 rides every day.

“What’s Fonzie like?” asked MCTS Training Instructor Jules Winnfield.

“He’s cool,” said new driver Yolana.

“Correctamundo,” Jules responded.

The Bronze Fonz will retain his trademark thumbs up to all riders who get on board. His bus will be equipped with a jukebox that can be turned on by hitting it with your fist.

The Bronze Fonz passed his driving test with flying colors; however, he did give his training instructor a scare when he drove the bus on a ramp and over shark-infested waters. He promises to never do that again, and agrees with everyone that doing that made no sense and really goes against logic and storytelling.

Learn more about how you can ride with the Bronze Fonz at RideMCTS.com/AprilFools