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Masks are required on board all MCTS buses. MCTS continues to limit riders to 15 per bus, and the MCTS Administration Building remains closed to visitors. Read more here.



The Milwaukee County Transit System agreed to a multiyear contract with CommuterAds, a Dayton, OH based company to provide digital audio and visual text scroll advertising making this the 14th and third largest US city to provide this innovative media to advertisers. These advertising audio messages in addition to an innovative public service messaging system begins October 2, 2017 in Milwaukee.

With this newest market, CommuterAds, the country’s preeminent digital transit ad tech firm, creates a new division called “CommuterAds Midwest”. Since first launching in Dayton, OH in 2008, CommuterAds has grown significantly throughout the country with a foothold right here in Ohio winning transit contracts in all five major OH cities, the first and only transit media firm in the country to do so. With the addition of Milwaukee, CA now reaches over 300M riders annually with an opportunity to offer advertisers a national solution to reach local transit customers down to the city block, making over 2B impressions each year.

CommuterAds CEO Russ Gottesman said, “Milwaukee: a wonderful city and a wonderful addition to the CA family! With the added 42M annual riders from the Milwaukee County Transit System and over 200M impressions we just added to our portfolio, I am today announcing the creation of CommuterAds Midwest. The company has grown tremendously
since we first launched in Dayton and we are proud of the tremendous work and value we have created for our transit partners and the communities we serve.”

Gottesman first approached MCTS at the outset of building CommuterAds when the company was in its nascency. Known as one of the most progressive, innovative transit agencies
in the country, Gottesman knew MCTS would be a perfect fit for the offering that allows local businesses to speak to local customers. As the firm grew, winning transit contracts with 13 municipalities, predominantly in the Midwest, CommuterAds knew it was time to demonstrate to MCTS leadership the time was now right to add the location- and time-based offerings. MCTS leadership had been monitoring the program’s success.

MCTS’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Brendan Conway believes CommuterAds offers a unique value proposition to Milwaukee-area businesses. “CommuterAds 
is able to offer a cost effective, location-based solution for local and regional businesses throughout the Milwaukee area. The product is proven and what we like most about working with the CommuterAds team is their dedication to customer service. They are wonderful partners and we couldn’t be any more excited to work with this innovative company!”

Conway added, “I am thrilled to announce that CommuterAds’ first advertising partner is an important one to the Milwaukee community, The Milwaukee Art Museum. Sponsorship
messages go live on October 2, we expect tremendous enthusiasm for the new offering!”

“We are thrilled to partner with such a well run, robust system and innovative leader in Milwaukee.” Gottesman said. “The addition of MCTS to the CommuterAds portfolio now
allows advertisers to reach five Midwest markets, reaching over 100M riders annually with the click of one button.”

In addition to messages made available to local, regional and national businesses interested to provide value to MCTS riders, CommuterAds also offers up to five free public service announcement messages each month to MCTS to use at their discretion communicating with riders on upcoming route adjustments, festivals in the area and relevant rider information to
help make their commute more impactful.

Beginning immediately, CommuterAds carves out major US cities Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Kansas City, MO; Des Moines, IA; and Champaign, IL to form the new division, CommuterAds Midwest, which will be headquartered out of Chicago. The five markets alone, combine to reach 105M riders annually and nearly 1B impressions available to advertisers throughout the Midwest. This new division of the company complements the “Go-Ohio” division launched in 2016 when the company picked up contracts in all five major Ohio cities:
Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, and Toledo.

“This is significant in both the scope and impact we have with the communities we serve, the transit partners we dedicate hard work to, and the advertising partners that rely on us to reach captive consumers. I am also excited to announce the promotion of CommuterAds’ Melanie Guardino as Director of CA Midwest starting immediately!”

CommuterAds, the Midwest’s fastest growing transit media provider, allows advertisers to create intelligent and strategic campaigns that align with their marketing goals through audio
messages programmed at specific times and locations onboard transit vehicles. The company customizes campaigns for a variety of advertisers, from large national brands to locally owned businesses.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, CommuterAds currently partners with fourteen transit authorities throughout the US. and is a twelve time first place winner of The American Public
Transportation Association’s annual Ad Wheel awards recognizing the best creative digital campaigns in the country. This year alone, CommuterAds has added 3 new markets: 
Milwaukee, WI; Des Moines, IA; and Columbus, OH., retained multi-year contracts in Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Tampa in addition to growing its Midwest and Ohio presence
precipitating the creation of CA Midwest.

As the only company in the world to provide on-board audio messages by leveraging existing technology in buses, CommuterAds builds mutually beneficial relationships between
commuters, transit authorities, and advertisers. While allowing advertisers to reach targeted audiences, CommuterAds generates revenue for transit authorities, stabilizing riders’ fares and possibly preventing community tax increases.

For more information on CommuterAds, please contact Russ Gottesman at russ@commuterads.com or 937-756-3636. For more information on MCTS, please contact Brendan Conway at BConway@mcts.org.