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Our apologies, we're experiencing a high volume of calls as we transition riders to WisGo. As a reminder, you have until September 30 to switch from the M-Card to WisGo. Thanks for your patience.


Friday is Last Day to Use the Ride MCTS App

MILWAUKEE (April 28, 2022) — Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) reminds riders that, as part of the transition to its new fare collection system, the Ride MCTS app will shut down this Friday, April 29. Ride MCTS has been replaced by a new app called WisGo, powered by Umo MobilityTM, which was introduced earlier this month.

Bus patrons with a previously purchased Ride MCTS app fare should use it before Friday at 8:00 a.m. If they are unable to use it, they can contact MCTS Customer Service at 414-937-3218 (Voice) or 711 (TRS) to transfer the remaining balance to an MCard.

Bus riders will still be able to use MCards and cash to pay bus fares, in addition to WisGo.

The WisGo/Umo Mobility app has the following features:

  • TWO FARE OPTIONS: Riders may purchase a 105-minute fare for $2 or a 24-hour fare for $5. These are temporary fare options until the full app rollout in the fall.
  • IMMEDIATE ACTIVATION: Umo fares activate immediately upon purchase, so riders should not purchase fares until ready to board their bus. The fare will expire in 105 minutes or 24 hours from the moment riders make the purchase. This protocol will change in the fall, when new fare validators are installed on buses. (We apologize for the inconvenience during this transition.)
  • LIVE BUS INFORMATION: MCTS apologizes that this feature was functioning only intermittently and has been working diligently to restore it. Live bus tracking is fully restored today.

WisGo is Part of Transition to New Fare Collection System

WisGo is one of the first steps toward MCTS’s implementation of a new fare collection system, expected to be fully operational this fall. When the full app launches, there will be more ways to pay via the app (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) and bus tracking will improve. Riders can get WisGo by downloading the Umo App in the App Store or Google Play and entering “Milwaukee” as their location.

For more information about WisGo powered by Umo, visit RideMCTS.com/WisGo. To reach Customer Service please dial 414-937-3218 (Voice) or 711 (TRS).