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Masks are required on board all MCTS buses. MCTS continues to limit riders to 15 per bus, and the MCTS Administration Building remains closed to visitors. Read more here.


MCTS is continuing to investigate the cause of an accident

MCTS is continuing to investigate the cause of an accident on May 15th near 12th and Wisconsin Avenue.

The Route 12 bus was heading southbound on 12th Street and accelerated as it turned left (eastbound) onto Wisconsin Avenue.  The bus drove onto the sidewalk and hit a tree before hitting a building on the Marquette University campus.

Five passengers were on the bus at the time of the crash. The driver and three passengers reported not life threating injuries.

MCTS is working with investigators and also doing an internal investigation into the cause. So far we know:

Bus Equipment

  • The bus had been on the road for 12 hours before the crash and drivers who drove it had not reported any issues
  • The bus went through its annual Wisconsin Department of Transportation inspection in February
  • The bus had its 6,500 mile inspection on May 4th (MCTS buses are inspected every 6,500 miles)
  • Neither of the recent inspections found any problems with the bus

Bus Operator

  • The bus operator is a 59-year-old man
  • He has been driving with MCTS for 12 years
  • As is standard procedure with any accident, the driver goes through a medical test to rule out any medical issues