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March 16: MCTS Update on Coronavirus or COVID-19

Updated March 16, 2020:

Due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and out of an abundance of caution for Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) employees and the general public, MCTS requests that riders limit non-essential bus travel until further notice.

MCTS is working with federal, state and local governments to help limit the spread of the virus. Passengers who must travel out of necessity are encouraged, whenever possible, to pay their fare with the MCTS M-Card – a contactless smartcard – or use the electronic tickets offered via the Ride MCTS App. Both options allow you to pay your fare without making direct contact with the farebox.

Once on board, passengers are asked to leave extra space between themselves and others. This form of ‘social distancing’ can help protect you and others from the spread of the virus. When you arrive at your destination, please exit through the rear doors instead of the front doors to limit contact with the bus driver. Additionally, please stay behind the yellow line and limit conversation and interaction with the bus driver.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises anyone with fever, cough or shortness of breath to not go out in public. This means passengers should not ride the bus if they are experiencing those symptoms or think they may be sick.

MCTS has implemented an extra daily disinfection process on all buses using EPA-approved and CDC-recommended cleaning products. That’s in addition to the standard cleaning our vehicles receive on a regular basis. Just remember that surfaces are only clean until someone touches them or coughs/sneezes nearby.

Future updates from MCTS will be posted at RideMCTS.com/coronavirus. You're also encouraged to stay updated by visiting Milwaukee County's website or the CDC's website at Coronavirus.gov.

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