Rider Question of the Day: Why can’t I pay the fare for my family through the Umo app?

Want to pay for your whole family? You can use cash or the M-Card only. There’s currently no option on the app for a “group fare.”  (Just tell the driver you need to pay for all of your family members before touching your M-card to the farebox.)

The new app doesn’t allow a family purchase because it is “account-based.” Each rider has their own account on the Umo app registered to their own mobile device.

The benefits to an account-based system include fare capping (everyone pays one equitable price) and a rewards system. Remember, kids under 5 always ride free. Children ages 6 to 11 pay a reduced fare but on the app, only one fare is available: an adult fare.

If your child happens to have a mobile phone and the app, you can log into your child’s account and provide your credit card to that child’s account, but again, only an adult price is available.

Another thing to plan for when you attend the many fun events Milwaukee County has to offer: any fare purchased through the app activates immediately. This means, the clock on your 105-minute fare starts immediately upon purchase. There is no option for stored value on the app until the new fare collection system rolls out.

We are eager to rollout our new fare collection system and hope you’ll be as excited as we are about it! Thanks for your patience in the meantime.