Radio Hosts Praise MCTS

On Valentine's Day 2018, MCTS received some love from an unexpected place, the radio. The hosts of The Disclaimer radio show on WMSE 91.7, took some time on their weekly show to praise MCTS.

"I love the bus," said one of the hosts Matt Wild.

"It gets a bad rap from people who don't ride it. It's very easy to knock a service you don't use but when you talk to anyone who uses the service regularly, they love it," said another host Evan Rytlewski. "It's great, the routes are pretty thoughtful, what is there to hate on."

Wild, who is also the founder and editor of the online magazine the Milwaukee Record, heaped praise on MCTS for the new Ride MCTS app and our ADA service.

You can check out the whole discussion here. For your convenience, below is a clip of the three minutes where they discuss MCTS.