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MCTS has suspended fare collection. Riders must now enter and exit the bus through the back door only, unless ADA access is needed. Remember, only ride the bus if you HAVE to. Read more here.

Danita Wilson

Driver Saves Packed Bus From a Bad Crash


Danita Wilson has only been driving an MCTS bus for a few months, but she handled a dangerous situation like a veteran.

Danita was driving her BlueLine bus south on 17th Street when a large truck ran the red light at Walnut Street. Danita only had a split second to react, maneuvering her crowded bus out of the way of the truck and avoiding a bad accident.

A Security Officer on the bus said the inattentive truck driver was on a cell phone.

An appreciative MCTS rider gave Danita the thumbs up from the back row. He, like the rest of the passengers knew Danita's quick actions kept them safe.

Another story of MCTS Excellence.