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We welcome RNC delegates and visitors from around the world to Milwaukee County. Note that from approximately Thursday, July 11-Friday July 19, security measures during the RNC will impact bus stops in the downtown area and traffic will impact service systemwide. Please expect delays and service changes with short notice. Visit for the complete list of stops served & interactive map with detour routing.


About Milwaukee County Transit System (“MCTS”)

Milwaukee County Transit System (“MCTS”) is the largest transit agency in Wisconsin and primary transit provider for Milwaukee County, operated by Milwaukee Transport Services, Inc. (“MTS”), a Quasi-Governmental Instrumentality of Milwaukee County.  MCTS ranks among the top 50 transit agencies in the United States by total passenger trips.  MCTS is innovating the way people across southeast Wisconsin get to work, school, medical appointments, entertainment and anywhere else they need to go.  With a fleet of over 300 clean-diesel buses and a dedicated team of 1,000 drivers, mechanics, and administrative staff, MCTS provides over 16 million rides each year and generates a massive economic impact for the region. MCTS also manages Transit Plus, the paratransit service for persons with disabilities, which delivers over 350,000 additional rides through that service. 

In 2022, MCTS launched an all-electric, zero-exhaust emission East-West Bus Rapid Transit (“BRT”) line, giving riders convenient access to employment, education, and recreation in downtown Milwaukee, Milwaukee’s Near West Side, Marquette University, Wauwatosa, and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center.  MCTS looks forward to developing additional BRT routes in the coming years.  Fare collection for all routes is powered by Cubic’s Umo application, providing riders a choice of mobile app or smartcards for fare payment.

Follow these easy steps to start working with MCTS

MCTS offers a wide range of business opportunities for contractors, vendors, and suppliers in construction, professional services, maintenance/repair/operation equipment, and more.

Procurement Opportunities:

  1. View MTS' active bids or proposals

     By clicking on the appropriate bid title, you will be transferred to the download page where you will be able to print the bid or proposal document(s), including required bid forms.

  2. Milwaukee Transport Services Inc. also utilizes the online service DemandStar to electronically publish active bids or proposals.

    Milwaukee Transport Services, Inc. 
    Attention: Procurement Department 
    1942 North 17th Street 
    Milwaukee, WI 53205 
    (414) 343-1706

For further information or questions regarding bid procedures, please contact the Procurement Department directly at (414) 343-1706, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Central Standard time or by e-mail.

Establish Business with MCTS

Companies or individuals seeking to do business with MCTS can contact the Procurement Department during regular business hours at (414) 343-1706.

Businesses providing services on-site at MTS must provide liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence listing both MTS and Milwaukee County as additionally insured.

Bidding Requirements

Federal Procurement Requirements
Purchase Type Purchase Amount Process Required Statutory Authority
Micro Purchase 0-$10.000 No competitive procurement requirements: Price must be Reasonable and Distributed Equitably among Qualified Suppliers. 2 CFR § 200.320(a)(1)
Small Purchase $10,001-$250,000 Comparative Pricing from at least 2 Qualified Suppliers.  2 CFR § 200.320(a)(2)
Major Purchase  $250,001 or more  Bid or RFP.  2 CFR §§ 200.320(b)(1)&(2) 
Sole Source Purchases  Any Price  Must qualify as Sole Source based on: Single Source Availability; Public Emergency; Authorization of Awarding Agency or Pass Through Entity, or Lack of Competition after Solicitation  2 CFR § 200.320  
County Procurement Requirements
Discretionary Purchase  0-$10,000 No Competitive Procurement Requirements.  Mke Ord. Chpt 32.25(3) 
Open Market Purchase  $10,001-$24,999.99  Three Quotes.  Mke Ord. Chpt 32.25(4) 
Purchases Informal  $25,000-$49,999..99  Sealed Bid.  Mke Ord. Chpt 32.25(5) 
Purchases Formal  $50,000 and over  Sealed Bids with Public Notice.  Mke Ord. Chpt 32.25(6) 

DBE Program 

Milwaukee County sets forth proposed goals for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (“DBE”) on Federal Transit Administration (“FTA”)-funded projects every three years. Milwaukee County’s overall goal for DBE participation for FTA-funded projects for the period beginning October 1, 2020, and ending September 30, 2023 is 4.45%.

Questions regarding certification as a DBE and DBE goal setting should be directed to:

Lamont Robinson
Director Office of Economic Inclusion
Milwaukee County 633 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 902
Milwaukee, WI 53203 414.278.4747.

MCTS Standard Terms and Conditions

  • MTS Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (click here to view document)

  • MTS Supplemental Terms and Conditions (click here to view document)

  • MTS Standard Terms and Conditions for the Weekly Critical Stock/Bus Part (click here to view document)

  • MTS’ Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders Using Federal Funds for the Purchase of Rolling Stock (click here to view the document)

  • MTS’ PO Terms for Professional Services and Purchase of Materials/Supplies using Federal Funds (click here to view the document)

  • MTS’s Terms and Conditions for RFQ/RFBs (click here to view the document)


MCTS Standard Professional Services Contracts

  • MTS Professional Services Contract with Federal Terms Included (click here to view the document)