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  • UBus End of Semester Schedule
  • UBus End of Semester Schedule
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  • 33
    Vliet - Juneau
  • Route 33 will detour off of Vliet Street (westbound only) between 33rd and 37th Streets due to Utility Construction.
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  • 54
    Mitchell - Burnham
  • Due to construction, Route 54 (UMOS trips only) will detour off its regular route from April 29 until late November 2019.
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  • 57
    Walnut - Appleton
  • Route 57 will detour off of Michigan between Water & Plankinton due to construction on Michigan Street Bridge.
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  • 60
    Burleigh Street
  • The Eastbound stop at Teutonia and Burleigh has been temporarily discontinued.
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  • 67
    N. 76th - S. 84th
  • Route 67 will detour off of 92nd Street between Howard & Layton due to construction.
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  • 76
    N. 60th - S. 70th
  • The northbound Route 76 stop at 60th & Ruby has been temporarily discontinued due to construction.
    Due to bridge construction on 68th Street, all Route 76 buses will operate 76th Street trips between Cold Spring and Grange (Southridge). 
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