Bus Accessibility Features


Every MCTS bus is an accessible, low-floor bus. Learn more about the other features our buses have below!

Priority Seating

Low Floor Bus

Operators can lower the front of the bus to a "kneeling" position so passengers who have difficulty stepping up can board the bus more easily. All buses are equipped with ramps, so passengers with mobility devices like canes, walkers, wheelchairs or small scooters can board the bus on a gentle incline.

Priority Seating

Priority Seating

Designated seating for seniors and people with disabilities is available at the front of every bus. The seats also flip up to allow for someone in a mobility device to be secured.


Quantum Self-Securement

Some MCTS buses are equipped with the Quantum Self-Securement System. This allows riders to secure and release their mobility devices independently.

Wheelchair Dimensions

Wheelchair Dimensions

MCTS buses are capable of accommodating most mobility devices. However, some are too large to safely board or secure on the bus. Contact our Travel Training staff if you have questions.

Audio Announcement System

Audio Announcement System

Buses announce their route when the front door opens to board passengers. While the bus is traveling along its route, it will announce bus stops, transfer points and landmarks, as well as reminders and transit news. While the audio announcements are playing, text is also shown on the display board near the front of the bus.

Personal Care Attendant

Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

PCA’s are allowed to ride for free to assist passengers who have been given that designation on their Transit Plus Card. The PCA must board and exit the bus at the same stop as the person they’re travelling with.

Service Animal

Service Animals

Service animals accompanying persons with disabilities are permitted on the bus. Non-service animals or comfort animals are allowed on the bus in an enclosed carrier that fits on the passenger's lap.